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[[Illinois-ml-nlp-users] ] Using POSTagger

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  • From: lcpandia AT
  • To: illinois-ml-nlp-users AT
  • Subject: [[Illinois-ml-nlp-users] ] Using POSTagger
  • Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 13:26:11 -0500


I have a file with each line containing many sentences. When I run the
POSTagger it breaks the line in several sentences and give postagged
sentences. Is there a way to ensure that line is tagged with several
sentences in it.


Five per cent of the voters in each county must sign petitions requesting
that the Republicans be allowed to place names of candidates on the general
election ballot , or The Republicans must hold a primary under the county unit
system - a system which the party opposes in its platform . Sam Caldwell ,
State Highway Department public relations director , resigned Tuesday to
work for Lt. Gov. Garland Byrd 's campaign . Caldwell 's resignation
had been expected for some time .

Five_CD per_IN cent_NN of_IN the_DT voters_NNS in_IN each_DT county_NN must_MD
sign_VB petitions_NNS requesting_VBG that_IN the_DT Republicans_NNPS be_VB
allowed_VBN to_TO place_VB names_NNS of_IN candidates_NNS on_IN the_DT
general_JJ election_NN ballot_NN ,_, or_CC The_DT Republicans_NNPS must_MD
hold_VB a_DT primary_NN under_IN the_DT county_NN unit_NN system_NN -_: a_DT
system_NN which_WDT the_DT party_NN opposes_VBZ in_IN its_PRP$ platform_NN ._.
Sam_NNP Caldwell_NNP ,_, State_NNP Highway_NNP Department_NNP public_JJ
relations_NNS director_NN ,_, resigned_VBD Tuesday_NNP to_TO work_VB for_IN
Lt._NNP Gov._NNP Garland_NNP Byrd_NNP 's_POS campaign_NN ._.
Caldwell_NNP 's_POS resignation_NN had_VBD been_VBN expected_VBN for_IN
some_DT time_NN ._.

  • [[Illinois-ml-nlp-users] ] Using POSTagger, lcpandia, 05/28/2017

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